Statement regarding data processing for marketing purposes (marketing statement)
Statement Regarding Data Processing For Marketing Purposes (hereinafter "Statement") relates to Kaspersky Polys digital voting system (hereinafter "Product").

All terms used in this Statement have the same meaning defined in the Terms of Usage.

Please carefully read the terms of this Statement, as well as all documents referred to in this Statement, before accepting it. If the Product is used within a legal entity or on the Computer used by several individuals, You must ensure that they have understood and accepted the conditions of this Statement before data processing begins.

Data Protection and Processing

The Rightholder handles the data it receives from the End User under this Statement in accordance with the Rightholder's Privacy Policy published at: https://www.kaspersky.ru/web-privacy-policy.

Purposes of Data Processing

The Rightholder processes data for marketing purposes in accordance with this Statement in order to:

  • Provide You with the relevant content and advertisements.
  • Create categories of groups of users based on certain parameters in order to provide relevant information to these groups about maintaining security level, marketing offers, and promotional materials (related to the Rightholder's products, solutions and services)

Processed Data

Certain data which is processed under this Statement could be considered personal data according to laws of some countries. With Your consent, the following data will be automatically sent on a regular basis to the Rightholder under this Statement:

  • User's email address

Your Choice to Participate

It is entirely Your choice to automatically send data to the Rightholder on a regular basis under this Statement. You can withdraw Your consent at any time by discontinuing the use of the Product.

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